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Charging Connectors



Color Black:

  • Our Tethered Type 2 Charging Cables offer the best combination of product quality and value and are the go to product for those assembling AC charging stations.

  • We hold industry leading cost structure with vertically integrated production including for both connector and cable components. We ensure quality control by doing so and have continuously passed on savings to our customers as we further ramp production.

  • Built with utmost quality material throughout, our Type 2 Connectors are proven of exceptional durability, safety proof and weather resistance.

  • Our Type 2 Connectors are rated IP65 when it comes to water resistance and can operate in both extreme weather ends, ranging from -35°C to +50°C. Connectors can also withstand 10,000+ plug-in-out cycles.

  • Connectors compatible with all corresponding Type 2 and CCS2 Charging inlets and outlets. Suitable for AC charging stations to be installed in Europe, Southeast Asia and Australia.

  • Available in Single and Three phase variations for both Female and Male side connectors. We serve as a one stop shop OEM manufacturer in offering product design and packaging design.

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